If there was ever a time when our old world needed a little fixing and mending, this is it. The former Soviet Union has broken up; Balkan countries are trying to heal themselves after years of war; Africa is full of strife; and here in the United States, there is great upheaval among the many groups that come together to form our great country. This all-school revue explores the problem of world unity in a constructive way, always assuming that we can fix the problems we have and bridge the differences that keep us apart. In five exciting original songs, this revue provides interesting musical experiences for all of your students. Of course, it also is quite usable by a single class or grade level if that is how you choose to use it. It includes "Together," a latin-rock anthem, and "We're Not That Different," a wonderful lesson in song for your younger singers which features optional sign language with illustrated instructions. "The Only World We've Got" combines a powerful rap section with a memorable rock statement, while "Let's Talk It Through" offers a quieter plea for dialog. The finale is "I Can. You Can. We Can.," an unforgettable, positive song that is certain to be a student favorite. As is the case with most of our revues, each of these tunes can be used by itself in many performance situations, and this revue is easily expanded to include to include other relevant music that your students are already learning.

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