Hansel and Gretel have assumed the mortgage on the Gingerbread House in the forest. Problem is, over the years, the temptation of the tasty building materials is too much for their woodland neighbors to ignore. The house is in terrible shape! (Of course, the neighbors, who are conspicuously covered with candy residue and have pockets stuffed with gingerbread and sweets, deny any involvement...) Poor Hansel and Gretel can't afford to fix up the house themselves and decide they must move out forever. Bravely, they go forward into the forest to find somewhere to live. But wait! Realizing that they have wronged Hansel and Gretel, the neighbors pool their resources and hire the team from "This Old Home Improvement" to come and repair the deteriorating house. Led by fix-it superstar Bob Thomas and his sidekick, Gnorm, the crew from the show gets right to work (measuring, building, baking and decorating) while documenting the entire thing. The neighbors even add their own sweat equity to keep the project moving along. The Gingerbread House is brought back to all of its edible glory (and in only 13 weeks!). Hansel and Gretel are so happy that they throw a big party for everyone to celebrate their new old house! (Unfortunately, some of the neighbors forget themselves and keep grabbing pieces of the house to eat during the party. Uh-oh. There goes the downspout. But that's another episode...) Teresa Jennings' clever K-4 musical is unique in that it works great for winter performances though it is not tied to any holiday. As a matter of fact, this is a musical that could be performed year-round. It is 15-20 minutes long and features five songs: "This Old House Is Yummy!," "Take One Step!," "Sorry.," "Ev'ryone Deserves A Home," and "Lend A Helping Hand!." Teresa's musicals always teach a valuable lesson, and here there are several, including respecting others and helping those who need a hand. And it is designed to work with a variable number of actors and singers. The recordings are wonderfully orchestrated and professionally recorded with top musicians, and are available as a part of a money-saving Performance Kit that gives you everything you will need to have a successful production. Don't miss this one!

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