Winter is a season when most schools go through a lot of music, and over the years we have filled the pages of Music K-8 magazine with a wide variety of great songs for all types of programming needs. We know that December celebrations differ from school to school, from community to community. To aid teachers, we have brought together eight tunes that have been among the most popular with the thousands of teachers who depend on us to add excitement to their programs. In this exceptional collection you will get... Winter In The Country - Teresa Jennings' original partner song is set in a clean, crisp folk style, with splendid acoustic recorded tracks. This is a truly entertaining seasonal selection. Jolly Old St. Nicholas - Here's a lighthearted Paul Jennings arrangement that is ideal for younger singers, but definitely fun for all. Your students will also love listening to the fun instruments on the CD, such as the silly trombone, the boingy bass, and the toy piano. Use this one for a concert or just for a fun class period. Harmony - Built on the progression from Pachelbel's Canon, Teresa's poignant masterpiece starts with a solo (or soli) and just keeps building, and can be performed with 1, 2, or 3 choral parts. My Little Dreidl - Teresa Jennings' simple Hanukkah round is a joy to sing, and easy enough for your younger students to learn. Plus, it can be used either in a specific Hanukkah celebration, or in a more secular setting. Be sure to use the accompaniment CD with this one, as the sparkling recorded tracks add a special touch. Christmas Sounds - Your students will enjoy putting all the choral and instrumental parts together in this novel add-on piece. Let them fill the room with the beautiful sounds of the season. Kwanzaa - For many schools, this special song has become their theme for this African American holiday. The simple and engaging tune is reminiscent of an African folk song, and the recording features authentic African percussion. If you're unsure about the history of Kwanzaa, be sure to check out the Teacher's Handbook, where you can find copious notes on the holiday and its customs. Snow Day - John Riggio's lively salute to kids' most anticipated winter days has already become a favorite of kids from Maine to Washington. Your students will have no problem learning this fun and lively rock tune. Grandma's Chicken Soup - Combine funny lyrics, rollicking bluegrass accompaniment, and great sound effects, stir gently over a low flame, and serve it to your singers. Mmmmm, it's good! No matter how your school or community chooses to celebrate the winter season, this is a collection of songs you'll be using for years to come.

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