If you are one of the thousands of teachers who have used our Rap Builder kit with your students, you know what a great tool it is for reaching their imaginations, especially when it is used with harder-to-reach young teens. Based on your support for that unique product, we have taken your comments and suggestions and combined them with a gargantuan amount of creativity to bring you more great rap tracks and some very special ready-to-perform raps. The core of Son Of Rap Builder is a carefully prepared recording that features "shells" for six completely different, very distinctive raps in a variety of styles. Some are recorded at different lengths and tempos, for a total of 10 different backgrounds to work with. These tracks are recorded to the same high standards as every Plank Road product, featuring a powerful combination of superb live musicians and contemporary synthesized sounds. The different lengths and rhythm structures let you use these with virtually every age group. To help you see the potential of each rap track, we've included lots of "Sample Raps." What you will discover, though, is that these raps are more than just "samples." They are timely and creative, and they will quickly become favorites of your students. Among these enjoyable, thought-provoking raps are...'Raptor Rap - Students know that velociraptor is really the nastiest dinosaur. Now it has its own nasty rap! No Way - This strong anti-substance abuse rap is easy to customize...a great addition to D.A.R.E. programs. The Mission - Here's one that your kids will want to come back to again and again. It's a mission to meet children from another planet. Frankenstein - A fun-loving look at the big guy with bolts in his neck. But there are many more creative options featured in this kit, including learning games and a wide variety of whole language ideas. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most powerful musical products available for schools that use a whole language approach to literacy. The Teacher's Handbook is full of information. It begins with easy-to-follow "road maps" and descriptions of each recorded track to help planning. This kit will provide fun, excitement, and innumerable teachable moments for years to come.

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