This intriguing collection from M.C. Handel, the creator who has brought musical excitement to millions of students through Music K-8, brings together five unique recorder features that are guaranteed to help beginning players feel great about themselves. As a matter of fact, the feedback we are getting from teachers who used these tunes tells us that this may well be the most popular collection yet. While the recorder parts are very simple rhythmically and use only a limited number of notes, the specially recorded Performance/Accompaniment tracks sound like they are fresh out of the latest soundtrack or pop hit. As with all of our products, the recordings are state of the art, featuring only real musicians playing real instruments... and when the style calls for synthesizer, it is carefully mixed into the overall sound. Each song is recorded twice, once with professionals playing the recorder part, and once with just the accompaniment. The kit also includes a Teacher's Handbook with Reproducible Student Parts which come with full rights to photocopy them for any and all of your students. If you aren't among the thousands of teachers who are already enjoying M.C. Handel's distinctive arrangements and compositions with their classes, here's an ideal way to try them. RECORDER MENAGERIE includes: "BAGzilla," "World Chimes," "Cha-Cha Chihuahua," "Lucky Sneakers," and "Galactic Swamp Dance."

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