Music has the power to do many things. It can make us happy or sad. It can make us laugh or cry. It can make us think and reflect. It can cause us to remember the past and look to the future, or appreciate the present. Most of all, music is part of our everyday life. It's a common language that the entire world can understand. In this inspiring collection, we've put together eight of our most "powerful" songs. These tunes represent many different styles of music. And each one, in its own unique way, will make your students truly realize the power of music. Contents for this exciting collection are: Music Alone Shall Live - This tune starts in unison, then it becomes a 3-part round. A simple string quartet builds instrument by instrument until it reaches a full orchestral peak. It makes for a very moving sound. The Music Of Life - We can hear music in the trees, the wind, the rain, and in the little creatures that live with us. This clever tune is all about the "music" of nature. It has a memorable melody and a lively Latin beat! Sounds All Around Us - Music is the universal language. And this energetic song examines the idea that music and sound are all around us. The catchy melody and infectious chorus will soon have your students speaking the language of music! Listen To The Beat Of My Heart - It doesn't get any easier than this - unison, short, limited range, and sparse. There's a'50s style rock'n' roll sound to this song that your students will have a lot of fun singing. Add a little choreography, and you've got a hit on your hands. Scat Cat - This little tune is a perfect way to introduce your students to scat singing. Ordinarily, scatting is an improvisational tool, but in this case, it is written out to acquaint your singers with some possibilities. They'll love it! The Fiddle Quartet - This song is written in a folk/country style. It introduces each member of a string quartet in a sort of "partner song for strings." The lyrics are quite simple and somewhat humorous, so your students will have a great time singing it. Big Band! - It's hard to keep kids still while they sing this tune! It has an appealing, easy-to-learn melody, backed-up by a real live jazz ensemble. Penny Whistle - Written in a Celtic/folk style, this peaceful song is deliberately modeled after some of the contemporary music that blends eclectic styles together for a one-of-a-kind sound.

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