Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift and that's why it's called the "present." Ever heard that expression before? It's so true. Today is a precious - and free! - gift that we all possess. We get one with every sunrise. Every day when we wake up, we have a whole new day to look forward to - a day filled with brand-new moments and possibilities. Since its inclusion in Music K-8 magazine, this amazing revue has been performed in thousands of schools with outstanding results. The five songs in this all-school revue, which are connected by a narrative script, range in style and emphasis from poignancy to inspiration. This uplifting revue includes: A New Day - Here's a dramatic opening song that is full of energy and joy. The enthusiasm and excitement come from the wonderful gift we receive with each and every sunrise - a new day! Rise And Shine! - This is a very simple song that works nicely with younger singers. It is only eight measures long and repeats the melody exactly. Kids really have a lot of fun doing our "rise and shine" movement suggestions. Right Now - An infectious hip-hop style and pronounced beat will keep your singers moving while they sing this student favorite. The Future Begins With Us - What better way to emphasize this poetic message than with a goosebump-raising rock ballad? This song has an absolutely beautiful blend of instruments that make it a joy to listen to. Oboe, English horn, and soprano sax are combined as a harmonic trio which intertwines throughout the song. We Are The People Of The 21st Century - A revue about the magic that we receive in each and every day can only culminate in majestic wonder. That is the emphasis of this incredible grand finale. The moving melody (with optional second part), soaring strings, and brass fanfare all help to create a stirring moment that will have the crowd standing on its feet! The Teacher's Handbook features each song with accompaniment, as well as reproducible Student Parts, which come with full rights to reproduce, perform, and use them with all of your students, no matter how many you teach. There are also handy performance notes and staging suggestions. And as with all of our music, the recordings are world-class, featuring rich orchestrations and top musicians playing real instruments.

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