Every year, the subscribers of Music K-8 magazine look for the second issue of the year to bring them all sorts of great winter music. And every year there is a real standout that becomes a favorite of singers and audiences alike. This special collection brings together eight of the most popular of these tunes. It includes: Jingle Jive - This adaptation of "Jingle Bells" for voices and bells, features a real cookin' big band which soars along as the kids perform simple parts. It makes a real show-stopping moment in any winter performance. The Penguin Polka - What could be more fun than imitating penguins doing the polka? A hilarious song ideal for movement! Kids love it. Blitzen's Boogie - With a fabulous recording featuring a kickin' big band, this rollicking boogie was the most requested tune of the year! Everlasting Fruitcake - Of all the holiday traditions that come to mind, the one that strikes fear into the hearts of mortal men is the ancient, inedible, store-bought fruitcake that keeps getting passed around. John Riggio's country-flavored tune takes this idea to a silly extreme with great results. The Turkey Tango - Kids just can't get enough of this wacky tune. A classic, richly orchestrated tango, it tells the tale of Fred the turkey and his adventures doing the tango. The Little Snowflake - Our subject is a snowflake who has come to life and flies, dances, and sings his way all over the place in this lively Latin tune. Winter In America - This high-powered rock tune contrasts all of the things that can be winter in America whether you are making snowballs or going to the beach. John's theatrical approach makes it ideal for a comic performance. Santa Is My Buddy - We suggest primary grades for this song, but we have heard of all ages enjoying the humor. It features a chorus singing the song while a solo speaker offers a running commentary on the lyrics.

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