Over the years we have published hundreds of songs in Music K-8 magazine that have become a rich part of the music curriculum at thousands of schools worldwide. Some of the most popular and valuable selections are the distinctive settings of favorite folk songs, children's songs and campfire tunes. This, our second collection of these arrangements, features eight songs that you will use for many years to come, including: Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Full of fun and nostalgia, this setting features an old-fashioned theater orchestra, a special verse for kazoos, and a stadium full of sound effects. Home On The Range - The authentic sounding recording features a fine blend of guitars, rich strings, and a warm harmonica solo. The harmony part is optional but easy to teach. The Wheels On The Bus - What a great update! Set in a bouncy hip-hop style, it always brings smiles and has the kids asking for it time and again. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain - The bluegrass recording is ideal for this lively folk song, complete with a virtuoso instrumental soli between verses that features fiddle, mandolin, and guitars. I Love The Mountains - It's back to the'50s for recording of this joyous round, complete with a cheezy organ, a bari sax, and a great rock rhythm section. Old MacDonald Had A Farm - We always try to provide a neat twist for songs that kids might already know. In this case, we have the singers actually imitating the sounds of the farm animals, not just saying "moo" and such. The fun gets crazier as the verses build up and the sounds accumulate. Rockin' Fr re Jacques - Brother John won't be sleeping much with this clever rock treatment of the familiar round. It features both English and French lyrics and a powerful rock performance by our world-class players. What Did Delaware? - As with many of these tunes, we arranged this one because teachers requested it. The five verses present several interesting possibilities, including the option of using a recorder. Like the other tunes in this collection, it is one that you will use many ways in your music classroom and across the curriculum. We are very proud of this collection, and like all Plank Road Publishing products, it is a wonderful combination of top quality and budget-conscious prices. With that in mind, the Teacher's Handbook comes with Reproducible Student Parts and full rights to produce copies of them for all of your students.

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