Today we have the freedom to demonstrate our faith as we pray in public, attend church or witness to others. But what if our faith in God was judged only by our response to crisis? Queen Esther kept her faith a secret to silently influence the Persian court, but it was dramatically demonstrated when she risked her life to plead for the salvation of her people. In Kathie Hill's Esther-Ordinary Faith, your children will learn the value of a living faith as they create a first-hand account of the events in Esther's life. In the musical, a fictional scribe, Zerox, details Esther becoming queen through God's intervention in Haman's plot and Mordecai's appointment as the king's adviser. And, as Zerox tells the story, he experiences the testimony of Esther and develops his own faith in God and His grace. All this is done through gritty songs and witty dialogue between these characters and the residents of Susa, the "Susans." Songs like "God Is in Control," "The Eleventh Hour," "While You Sleep" and "In That Moment," will help children understand the sovereignty of God and the confidence we can have in trusting Him with the greatest of problems by displaying our own Esther-Ordinary Faith!

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